SCT "Ben Uchida" Press Release

Addressing the less-often discussed consequence of the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, this play deals with the U.S. government policy to incarcerate its Japanese Americans citizens during World War II. As Artistic Director Courtney Sale notes, “We turn to history in order not to repeat it. Executive Order 9066 destroyed families, stalled lives, and changed the course of the nation for generations to come. It is easy for some to explain away or excuse the colossal mistake of internment as an ugly historical footnote.”

"Foxfinder" study guide

The world of Foxfinder is a nebulous dystopian Britain. A time and place where the government controls all aspects of life and can reward or punish as it sees fit. If you don’t bring in the requisite harvest perhaps you and your family should be removed from your farm and sent to work in separate factories. Of course, if things are going wrong, a foxfinder will be sent to ensure that it is not through dissent but rather the plague of the evil creature, the fox.

Friends of Baseball

Since 2006, Friends of Baseball has helped over seventy baseball and softball teams in leagues serving over 36,000 children in 15 Northwest Oregon counties secure more than $514,000 in goods, services, support, and funding. In these communities, after-school activities are rare, and organized athletics even more so. At a time when our society is ever more isolated and sedentary, when childhood obesity and diabetes are on the rise, affordable access to team sports is needed more than ever. In a perfect world, all children would be able to participate in physical activity programs. Unfortunately, this just isn’t true.  For many families, even a modest fee is too big a financial burden.